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Our Mission: To increase awareness and knowledge of safe boating by educating and training members and the general public, by fostering fellowship among boaters, and by establishing partnerships and alliances with organizations and agencies interested in boating.

The North Shore Squadron is a unit of Pacific Mainland District of Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons We are an organization composed of boating enthusiasts aiming to increase boating safety and enjoyment by providing education regarding seamanship and navigation, for both power-boaters and sail-boaters alike. We are a charitable, membership based organization and all teaching and all administration is undertaken on a volunteer basis. Membership is not restricted to boat owners, nor owners of large yachts. In a nutshell, we are a dedicated group interested in increasing safety and pleasure on the waterways, through education.

What is CPS?Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS), founded in 1938, is Canada’s largest association of boating enthusiasts, with over 30,000 members nationally. CPS is a federally registered charitable organization.

CPS is recognized, and often consulted by, various national, federal, and local government agencies. It also works closely with the Canadian Safe Boating Council and other boating and industry associations. Some 10,000 boaters, each year, take safe-boating courses from CPS’ more than 3,000 experienced, volunteer training personnel across Canada.

While dedicated to training and promoting safety in all aspects of recreational boating, CPS has a strong social side that develops lifelong friendships and fun.



The North Shore Squadron, like all the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting safe enjoyable boating through boater education. This means that without the active participation of it’s members, we would be unable to provide this valuable service to the community.

Our volunteers take the time out of their busy schedules to teach & tutor students taking the various courses we offer. They organize events of social, educational, and administrative natures. They write, edit, publish, and distribute materials in the forms of educational, entertainment, informational, and public relational values. They cook at our BBQ’s, man the bar at our wine and cheese event, and cook & plan the meal for our annual crab feed. They plan our squadron social cruises and share their boats for our twice yearly student cruises. They man the telephones, maintain our records, and keep our financials in order.

As you can see, there is a lot to keeping a Squadron running and it all rests on the capable shoulders of the members willing to make that effort. If you’re not already volunteering with CPS, consider joining in.


If the instructors are the brains of our educational programs, the proctors make up the heart, they are our teaching assistants. Week after week throughout the term these individuals give up their free time to come out and help students in the boating class learn the material. They go over the homework, help demystify the plotting equipment & decipher the chartwork, and make themselves available for students whenever they might need a helping hand. A huge thank you to all of you who help us out.


Our instructors make up quite possibly the most important component of our squadron. Without them, there would be no classes, and without classes, we wouldn’t be able to attract or involve new members. These individuals freely give of themselves to share their extensive knowledge of their subject material.

Skippers for the Student Cruises

During each boating class, we take our students out on the water to put a practical spin on the course materials. It wouldn’t take place without the generous donation of time and boats by members of the Squadron.

The Squadron Executive Committee

As with any organization, each squadron has a executive board whose function is to direct the interests of the squadron.